Alerts Membership

Our Alerts Membership is for more experienced traders who want to follow along with our trade alerts but don’t need access to all our training material or our chatroom.

Cut the learning curve by following trades made by industry leaders.

“Since joining Sky View Trading I’m at a 90% success rate with over 80 trades.” – Danny W

Alerts Membership Benefits

See the perks that our Alerts Members are enjoying!

Trade Alerts


Every trade that is placed in our account is immediately alerted to you via text and email.


Current Positions


View an up-to-date snapshot of our current positions in our portfolio.


Outstanding Support


We aren’t doing our job if you aren’t succeeding and learning. We are always a quick email or chat away.

“My account is up over 25% in the first 3 months after joining you guys!” – Bob S

See what Alerts Members are saying:

All testimonials are 100% authentic.

Already up over $220 for the last 5 days with your service. Looking forward to continuing with you guys! Thanks!

Ben T

Alerts Member

I’ve now been trading options for 5 years and after many losses, subscriptions, and a list of trial and error strategies, I’ve found your strategy to be the only one to consistently work. Your strategies let me stay away from my computer and work on other areas of my life. It lets me travel and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed while still making money.

Zach H

Alerts Member

Sky View Trading is legit. I’ve spoken to them directly and they’re responsive to my questions. More importantly, their strategies make money. Subscribing to their website was a worthwhile investment.

Scott C

Alerts Member

FAQ about our Alerts Membership:

How much money do I need to start?

You only need $2k in your trading account to sell premium. We teach defined risk premium selling strategies for people with smaller accounts where you can choose your risk and your capital requirement of each trade through strategic strike selection.

Can I trade in an IRA/Retirement account?

Yes you can. Many of our favorite trade setups are perfect for retirement accounts.

Can non-US residents sign up?

Absolutely! In fact, we have many members from all over the world!

Can I still follow your trades if I work full-time?

Yes! Actually, the strategies taught are perfect for people who can’t stop their lives to trade. Unlike day trading, where a trade can be ruined if you are a second too early or late, the trades can easily be placed and managed from your smart phone.

Any contracts or fees?

Definitely not. There are no contracts or hidden fee’s and you can cancel or upgrade your membership at any time!


How do we get the Trade Alerts?

Not only do we text our alerts to members in real-time, we can also email them instantly as well. We also create custom trade alerts graphics and post them to our website.

Currently trading but not seeing consistent trading profits?

Follow our trade alerts and start generating consistent trading profits.