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Our Elite Membership is for dedicated traders who want to learn to trade options, add consistency to their trading, and generate an extra source of income.

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The everyday trader uses a mix of constantly changing projections and educated guesswork to place their trades. With this approach, a few bad trades can mean thousands of lost dollars and diminished returns for the foreseeable future.

The reality is, most traders lack a proven trading system to follow that provides them with direction, confidence, and adequate experience they need to succeed.

This is why over 90% of traders fail.

With our Elite Membership, you’ll join the 10% of successful traders



Learn the ins and outs of our Options Trading strategy with what has been described as the best options trading course to exist.


Follow along daily with our real-time trade alerts and view of our current portfolio to get a glimpse into how professional traders attack the market each day.


Begin to place real trades and build your own portfolio as you gain confidence. Our goal is to create independent thinkers over blind followers.
Enjoy many exclusive perks of being an Elite member with Sky View Trading.


Gain the knowledge required to be in the 10%.

Although it is known that Options are very lucrative investment products, they are typically thought to be very complex.

This couldn’t be further from the truth with our Options Trading Course - which has been described by many as the best options trading education that exists.



We send real trades straight to your phone and email.

When we place a trade, you’ll be immediately notified.

The alerts include a detailed breakdown of why we’re placing the trade, and exactly what the game plan is for it.



Collaborate with some of the brightest traders of our time.

The quickest way to achieve something is to surround yourself with others who have already achieved it.

Our chatroom provides a positive learning environment where you can collaborate with like-minded traders, who are all after the same goal.



Follow along with our positions each day.

Get an inside look into how professional traders attack the market each day by following along with our portfolio in real-time.

View key metrics of each trade, with a comprehensive breakdown of how the market is affecting our positions and overall portfolio.



Trading lessons and insights from experienced professionals.

An investment in knowledge always pays the largest dividends.

Adopt healthy trading habits and elevate your trading by learning strategies and techniques used by top investors.


Course Outline

Finally you can binge watch something that will help you meet your financial goals.
Our goal with this course is to make the learning process as simple as possible, and we’ve done just that.

Basic Definitions

In Chapter 1, you’ll learn the basic definition of options and how investors and traders use them in various ways.

13 minutes 16 seconds


Reading an Option Chain

In Chapter 2, you’ll learn the ins and outs of option contracts, and how to view and find option prices.

11 minutes 2 seconds


Option Pricing

In Chapter 3, you’ll learn what causes daily fluctuations in option prices, and how to take advantage of it.

35 minutes 28 seconds


Option Greeks

In Chapter 4, you’ll learn all about delta, gamma, theta, and vega — and how we use them to monitor and manage our portfolio.

14 minutes 23 seconds


Buying Options

In Chapter 5, you’ll learn how to buy calls and puts to achieve massive returns with very little capital.

13 minutes 16 seconds


Selling (Writing) Options

In Chapter 6, you’ll learn how to sell (write) calls and puts to achieve consistent profits with a very high probability of success.

13 minutes 16 seconds


Defined Risk Spreads

Learn how to set up option spread strategies such as Covered Stock, Vertical Spreads, Iron Condors, and Butterflies.

65 minutes 41 seconds


Undefined Risk Spreads

Learn how taking undefined risk with option spreads such as Strangles, Straddles, and Back Ratios can add even more consistency to your profits.

32 minutes 37 seconds

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"I’ve been trading options for 10+ years and recently came upon SVT. It has given my returns a big boost. Very impressed."
Scott A
Fresno, CA
"Sky View Trading is just what I needed to enhance my personal trading strategy. The guidance and patience provided by the Sky View crew is invaluable!"
Alan S
Brigham City, UT
"If you are looking for a community that focuses mainly on option strategies that will lower risk and enhance the probability of success, you need to check it out."
Scott C
Charlotte, NC
"SVT has been with me every inch of the way on my trading journey. The access I have to experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful Option Traders through SVT is unprecedented."
Tom L
Center Barnstead, NH
"Sky View Trading has shown me how to manage risk and understand how to select good entry and exit points with my trades. Glad to be a member!"
Juan Z
Miami, FL
"Sky View Trading has the best options trading strategy that I’ve ever come across. Membership is well worth the money to learn how to trade options."
Miro I
Seattle, WA
"This is an excellent service for the money. The course is simple, detailed, and comprehensive. The alerts include successful strategies that are easy to implement and the service is second to none."
Nick G
Minneapolis, MN
"Sky View Trading is unlike anything I’ve ever come across, and I’ve been blown away with your service. I’ve spent thousands on other seminars and services and nothing compares!"
Margaret P
Dallas, TX
"Sky View Trading has been consistent in generating profits in any market condition."
Sridhar V
Tampa, FL
"Some companies know how to trade, others know how to teach, but in Sky View Trading you have it all!"
Josue M
Ponce, Puerto Rico
"The best options education combined with exceptional ongoing and personalized support, I’m now trading profitably."
Ken M
Princeton, NJ
"Sky View Trading has an amazing team and are always willing to help. Highly recommend if you are looking to hone in your trading."
Ryan H
Tustin, CA
"My trading has moved to a new level thanks to Sky View Trading."
Gene R
Fort Worth, TX
"I’m so grateful to be a member with Sky View Trading. I've already learned so much. Thanks for your outstanding support!"
Dany P
Victoria, BC

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