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By George B

Sky View Trading is THE way to learn options.

Hey guys, I just wanted to leave you a review and let you know the course content is great! I took another stock/options training course over the summer and was also offered another course for free and NEITHER of them compare to yours. Your content is way more useful than either of those and is presented in a much clearer, more concise way. Factoring in the support and guidance you guys provide, there’s just no comparison. Sky View Trading is the way to learn options.

By Joe B

Sky View Trading teaches is the only real consistent way to make money in the market.

Your Options Training Course is a great intro into the world of trading options, and in particular, teaching others how to get an edge. It takes a lot of information and presents it in an organized and clear format in a short amount of time. Learning from scratch, I put a lot of cash, sweat and tears into my trading and I’ve found that what Sky View Trading teaches is the only real consistent way to make money in the market. I only wish I found you sooner!

By Stefan G

I learned more about trading options from your course than from any other online resource.

The Sky View Options Training Course is most excellent. I learned more about trading options from your course than from any other online resource. Adam and Eli explain everything very clearly and give many examples. Thank you.

Wow, very happy with my decision to join Sky View Trading! I have been able to learn so much so fast just watching all these short videos the membership has to offer. Literally went from not knowing much at all about trading options, to in a matter of a couple weeks looking at selling options in a whole new light, having an edge, understanding strategies with high win probabilities, and best of all making money. Very grateful, thank you Sky View Trading Team!


Elite Member

I have been trading for almost 2 years now and in the past 2 weeks being involved with Sky View Trading I have doubled my knowledge. These guys are awesome in the way they explain things. Thanks so much.

Jeff S

Elite Member

Hello, My name is Mike, and although I joined only a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to express my thanks and pleasant surprise with my experience with “Sky View Trading”. As a novice in Options I have been trying to get started for a while, but with a lot of sites that I visited seemed more concerned with grabbing your money and their promises seemed a little “too good” to be true. So far what I like about the guys at “Sky View” is… The education they provide is phenomenal, their approach seems very realistic and they are readily available for questions, even the most basic of ones. Lastly, I really feel they have a genuine concern to help their members succeed. Sincerely, Mike Baron

Mike B

Elite Member

The guys at Sky View Trading are legit. They have a strategy and stick to it. They are knowledgeable about options and present the information extremely well. They don’t sell snake oil like a lot of other trading services do. They present their opinions and back it up with research/facts. A great starting point for the aspiring options trader.

John C

Elite Member

I love the video/classes to help under stand how options work. I am a person that learns from seeing and all the videos help me a lot!!!

Tim D

Elite Member

Review on Day 2 : I joined Sky view Trading and on day 2 I felt impressed enough to leave this review. Sky view Trading is a great source of information for both beginners and those old horses who think they know all about trading (no disrespect intended) the path you take in placing your option trade matters. Adam, Eli, and Christos know what they are talking about. The instructions are clear and concise, follow their method and learn the basic fundamentals right. Watch the videos till you get it. Options are like learning a new language, you get it only by practice, practice, practice. Before I could join Sky view Trading I learned Options on YouTube watching several discombobulated videos in random order (the most dangerous thing you can do) then I found Sky View Trading. I made extensive notes back then and finding sky view trading is a blessing. They present lessons on Options in a methodical manner with quizzes following each lesson to make sure you have learned the material. Fun thing is, you can take these lessons till you have the fundamentals down. Also Paper Trading Simulations on TDAmeritrade is the best way to get over the fear of trading Options. Then learning how to place Spreads are crucial. I am glad I’ve come so far in Options and I am glad I found Sky view trading to share their expertise and knowledge with me and others. Thank you to the team of Sky View Trading!

Jacob D

Elite Member

Sky View Trading has greatly improved my trading knowledge and confidence. Before I started with Sky View the Think or Swim platform and options trading as a whole appeared too great a task to learn. Now I can confidently say that I have the tools needed to utilize options trading for my profit.

Patrick B

Elite Annual Member

Sometimes I read testimonials & wonder if they are real or fakes put up by the representing company, I can say without the least equivocation or mental reservation that this is a 100% real testimonial on my behalf.  The guys at Sky View trading are the real deal.  They will help you get started, keep you moving, & stay on track with you as you go through the process of learning & understand their method of options trading.  In less then one month I had made over $1200 in a paper trade account that it proved to me they knew what they were doing & their were worth the monthly service.  They are young guys but very astute to their craft and anyone can benefit from them.  Adam & Eli, thank you very much for helping me along.
Jeff M

Elite Member

Your course is really, really great. All material is explained in such simple words that everyone can understand. I like the fact that all videos have good quality, are nicely done and illustrate presented concepts very well. The chapter quizzes help to repeat and remember material. It’s obvious that it was a lot of work to put everything together. I honestly believe that this is best course about options currently available. BIG thank you and I’m looking forward for more!

Mariusz M

I’ve been a member with Sky View for about one month. So far I’m impressed with the service they provide also the trade alerts are very good and explain what you should do; buy or sell, open or close positions. The member educational videos page is worth seeing. Also email support is quick and helpful. THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.
Tony G

Elite Member

EWW was awesome trade (especially for me 52/50) but I took some profit early. So far, I had only profits with you (4-5 trades), fingers crossed. Thanks!

Sam A

This is a terrific program that has been developed for the novice investor. Recommendations are sound and based on good fundamentals and objectives. I would highly recommend this product for the seasoned trader as well as the beginner. As a retired wealth management, owner, CEO I understand the business after twenty four years I understand the business. Thanks guys!

John B

I have to say that I have spent a lot of money on training materials and by far the support I am getting on day 1 can’t even compare to other companies. Thank you very much. Now, back to learning!

Melissa D

We just keep adding onto our already nice pile of profits. I’m grateful for finding your service and you personally helping me out. I would have still been trading nothing but calls and puts and probably going nowhere.

Dmitriy L

I’ve now been trading options for 5 years and after many losses, subscriptions, and a list of trial and error strategies, I’ve found your strategy to be the only one to consistently work. Your strategies let me stay away from my computer and work on other areas of my life. It lets me travel and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed while still making money.

Zach H

I just have to say I’ve closed out the two FXY and FXE positions for a tidy profit. These were the first trades I’ve made with my own money and it feels great. The last 4+ months of learning and practice with paper-money have been so much fun, I can officially say I’m an addict to learning more about Options/Futures. The disciplined approach you teach is invaluable information to any trader, while not every trade will be a winner I believe using the formula designed by your team traders can maximize their success.

Taking some profits is a major milestone for me, specifically because now my wife can see some results from my hard work and stop nagging me about “playing that trading video game on my computer”. Lol.

Anyways keep it coming. Cheers.

Thomas E

I want to take the time to give thanks to Adam, Eli, Don, and the whole Sky View Trading staff for giving back your time to help us traders. You guys have been a great help to me with your Video lessons, Trade Review Videos, Trade Alerts, Chatroom and much more. It’s great the way you guys break it down. I love it keep it going!

Wendell M

This course is great! I like the dynamic whiteboard presentation format. As a visual/hands-on learner, this was value for me to follow along and pause when I needed to. I especially liked the quizzes, and am curious to see where most people’s weaknesses are.  Mine was getting use to ITM and OTM and how they related to bullish/bearish, shorting/going long on options.  When I did poorly on the quizzes, I made myself go back and/or stop and write things out.  If it weren’t for the quizzes, I probably would not have committed as much time trying to get it down. Thank you!

Leo S

Sky ViewTrading has the best Options trading or trading strategy that i’ve ever come across and it is taught extremely efficiently and concisely. Membership is well worth the money to learn how to trade options with even advanced content on options futures available for the more advanced.

Miro I

Elite Member

Finally!!! I’ve learned more about trading options in the first 3 weeks with Sky View Trading than in the last 3 years with other services. Their educational material, team support, and overall approach is excellent. I am much more confident trading options thanks to Adam, Eli, and Christos. Thank you guys for creating such a great learning environment and sharing your knowledge!

Bjorn N

Elite Member

I have been with Sky View Trading since mid December of 2016. Being a young investor attending college I have been seeking education on the subject of investing from a wide variety of sources that cover multiple types of investing. I’m assuming Facebook caught wind of this and I came across an ad for Sky View Trading. I had yet to research options as an investment strategy prior to seeing their advertisement but I felt inclined to take a look. I was quickly intrigued by their consistency of profitable trades. Besides various long term investments, I came across very few instances where individuals or organizations were making consistent profits (much less displaying each and every trade publicly). Because of this, I opted for the 14 day free trail through said Facebook ad to see if their trading course was of high caliber. Long story short, it exceeded my expectations. Every lesson I watched and took notes on verified the credibility each testimonial I read prior to enrolling in the course. The instruction is of college quality and breaks the concepts down so that the average joe can understand them. Today, I am an elite member of Sky View and I can say with confidence that if you are looking for education regarding options as a reliable investment strategy, then look no further. Do note that trading options does require a bit of starting capital, but it’s well worth saving up said capital so you can achieve this level of consistency with your profits. Being a college student, I know how difficult saving capital can be, but I promise that it is possible if you budget correctly and trim off extra expenses. It will surely be worth it in the long run. In conclusion, I would like to thank the team at Sky View Trading for putting out such high quality content and investing not just in options, but in the lives of those who are seeking guidance on proper investment strategies.

Chris C

Elite Member

I have been completely impressed by Sky View Trading. Their course has been so easy to understand and has been enjoyable to learn from. I almost spent $25,000 to take a course from another company and am so thankful I didn’t. This course is top notch and so much more affordable. Also it is very easy to ask questions and get responses almost immediately. Very thankful for the Sky View team!
Clint E

Elite Member

Adam and Eli have created the “bomb” in options education.  The information, quizzes, format, are just awesome- great job!
I am ecstatic to have found you guys and really feel like I can really see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!
Joe S

Elite Member

I would recommend Sky View Trading’s program to anybody! I have learned so much and every time I have had a question they are very quick to respond. The training videos fit my learning style perfectly with the animated white boards. Also, the trade alerts have allowed me to put on several paper trades of my own. Giving me some hands on training that is very valuable. The more I learn, the more excited I get about trading options.

Chandler W

Elite Member

I would just like to say thank you, Sky View Trading has given me the opportunity to make an income from home at a time I really needed it. Your team is incredible, reliable and very knowledgable about working with people who have never bought or traded stocks or options.

Walter N

Elite Member

This is an excellent service for the money. The course is simple, detailed and comprehensive. The alerts include really balanced and successful strategies which are easy to implement and the service is second to none. I usually get a response to my answer the same day. One of the best value option services on the internet.

Nick G

Elite Member

I have to mention that Sky View is unlike anything I’ve ever come across, and I’ve been really pleased – in fact, blown away, with your service. I’ve spent thousands on seminars and services and nothing compares! Your education and training videos are top-notch, the chat room is a great learning tool, and the client support is amazing. I’m a conservative, risk-adverse trader and the philosophy and environment of your service is what I was looking for. You really do care about the success of your clients – how rare is that! Congrats to you and Adam and Eli for creating Sky View Trading!

Margaret P

Elite Member

It is hard for me to write feedback because I hate sounding cheesy or mushy but I will try harder because your content deserves it.

First off, thank you. For your clear, concise information including the illustrated videos/slides! I do not think there is a better source of information in the world. In a world of information overload and everyone claiming they know what you need but then further confusing ones understanding, your information breaks the concepts down with pictures and repetition of concepts and consistent rules you follow. Plus transparency!! You show your up to the day, real world results!! Who else does that?!

Second, thank you for minimizing the number of upsales to the community. I have been a member of other premium-required communities and feel overwhelmed by the number of solicitations for more of my fundage and at ridiculous prices. I find it very refreshing that as a member, I am entitled to all content instead of the typical ‘nickel-n-dime-ing’ of constituents…

Lastly, know that I am constantly repeating the chapters (6 through 8) and gathering super-detailed notes including screen shots of strategy slides. I am even creating a collection of flash cards for testing my knowledge! This is all in an effort to fully absorb every thought your team is trying to convey. I am serious about learning and finally found a good source of information: the Sky View team. I am focused exclusively on Sky ViewTrading content. I visit the forum to lurk most times and have learned quite a bit by just ‘listening’.  And, I have been following your trade alerts for a month now in my paper trading account and have made money. 

These Elite Lessons, the Course with knowledge assessments, the video lessons about Black Sholes and Our Edge…the free content on YouTube and your personal solicitation of questions, your availability and timely responses to those questions…SkyView provides the whole package and at a fair price!! Simply the best investment in knowledge for this arena, hands down.

Lorenzo E

Elite Member

Thank you, seriously, to all of you for your quick response and helpful advice. I am taking it all into consideration. A little about myself. I have tried many strategies In the past including futures trading, stock speculating, and many others. Some worked great while others failed. It’s these past experiences that make me appreciate the methodology of Sky View. Your teachings have changed my trading for the better. My risk mitigation has improved at the same time my rate of success and profitability has increased. Thanks Sky View! 

Scott C

Elite Member

Thank you Sky View Trading for all the time and energy you put into teaching your concepts to your student traders. Adam, Eli, Christos and Don have always been there for me in my journey to ‘Options Trading’. These are people you can trust to have your best interests at heart. Even fellow traders are there in the chat room to enhance your ‘learning curve’. The group works hard to take the stresses out of Options Trading so often associated with ‘going it alone’. Sky View Trading helps you build confidence in your trading decisions. I consider myself ‘blessed’ to have had the opportunity to be introduced and instructed by Sky View Trading.

David H

Elite Member

I started with Sky View Trading 3 months ago and it has been well worth the investment.  The training videos are well done and support in the chat room and by email has been excellent.  These guys are very good at what they do and enjoy teaching others how to do it too.  I came with many questions and they have been happy to answer them.  Its great to get the trade alerts, especially at first to help break the ice and make your first trades!  The performance numbers on the site are totally legit, they don’t try to hide anything.  I have followed most of their alerted trades since I started and have gotten results very similar to theirs. I am confident that what I have learned will pay off very well over time.  This strategy is low stress and something anyone can learn, I highly recommend it!

Vince B

Elite Member

Sky View Trading is legit. I’ve spoken to them directly and they’re responsive to my questions. More importantly, their strategies make money. Subscribing to their website was a worthwhile investment.

Scott C

Elite Member

I joined Sky View Trading 2 months ago. First I made paper trades to get the general knowledge on how/what they do. I was scared at first, now I wish I made those trades with real money. I started to do live trading in a week or so and it’s just unbelievable. I made 9 trades so far for a $1,900 profit! All winners from 10% up to 80%. You also don’t need to have a 100k account. I entered each trade for less than $1,000 in capital. Sky View Trading did they research, tested it over and over, and proved their concept. They have an awesome team and great videos.

I have joined other chatrooms and “guru’s” in the past where they enter into a trade with 5-6k and if it goes against them they add another 10k to have better entry but I couldn’t add because I didnt have that capital. At the end, I lost more than I won. It’s not like that at Sky View. It’s all about probabilities, risk/reward, math, statistics and much more. I know I have a lot to learn and with their help I can get there. Join them and you WON’T be disappointed.

Sam A

I wanted to write and affirm you in the new course you have put together. You have done an excellent job with the visuals and explanations. Having been an educator, business owner, entrepreneur, investor, and retiring at age 57, I have had many good and bad experiences. Purchasing a subscription to Sky View Trading has definitely been a good experience. You have helped me further my education and skill in trading options. In the 8 months I have traded options using your methods and a large account, I was able to accumulate a gross profit of over $118,000 in 2016. Thanks for helping to make this possible.

Greg T

Already up over $220 for the last 5 days with your service. Looking forward to continuing with you guys! Thanks!

Ben T

By Shanshan C

Your course is excellent and is the best for explaining options I have ever seen.

I enjoyed your courses a lot. They are excellent and are the best videos for explaining options I have ever seen. The videos are very detailed and are very easy to understand plus with real trade steps and charts from thinkorswim.  You guys must be genius. These courses definitely shortened my option learning curve. I am happy I bumped into Sky View Trading service that will give me a good beginning for learning and trading options. Thank you.

By Lorenzo E

I do not think there is a better source of information in the world.

First off, thank you. For your clear, concise information including the illustrated videos/slides! I do not think there is a better source of information in the world. In a world of information overload and everyone claiming they know what you need but then further confusing ones understanding, your information breaks the concepts down with pictures and repetition of concepts and consistent rules you follow.

By Chris R

The Sky View Trading team has mastered the art of teaching.

Some people have a knack for teaching even the most complex of materials. The Sky View Trading team have mastered the art of teaching even the most intricate details of options trading. The course is designed so that everyone can learn something, whether you are a seasoned trader, or someone who is just beginning to delve into the fascinating world of options trading. My favorite part of the course is not only the world class material and presentations, but also how the course is continually evolving to meet the needs of everyone who is subscribed. If there is something you want explained in more detail I can guarantee there is either already a video made detailing the topic, or one in the works. Plus, if you have their Elite Membership as well, if something new arises within the community via email questions or the chat room, the guys are immediately chomping at the bit to make sure they create new material so everyone can have access to the information. This course is such a great ‘investment’! I couldn’t recommend it enough. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here!